Thursday, November 29, 2012

Don Festge: Writer, Teacher, Youth Mentor, Role Model, Dreamer...

Don Festge

Don has been writing professionally since 1998. He began writing his first novel “Stopped By Time” while teaching at Poinciana Park Elementary School. In October of 2002 the first book in his teen/young adult series Night Of The Witches was released. “Night Of The Witches: The Beginnings” was followed by the release of “Night Of The Witches: The Bocor” on March 21, 2003. The third book in the series “Night Of The Witches: The Escape” is set for publication.

Don has also written several screenplays including “The Condiments” and “Extreme Lizards” (both Animation) as well as the super natural thriller “Blinded By Sight”. Following that script, “Night Of The Witches: The Beginnings”, based on the first book in the series, was finished. It was followed by the Middle Ages comedy “Knights in White Satin.” 

Don has also written the family adventure script “The Pass.” Following “The Pass”, He finished the “Prom King” set in the frenzied world of today’s high school scene. Don’s latest script “ExtraOrdinary” finds ordinary ten year old Joe Smith, after an accident, left with the power to do extraordinary things!
In November 2005, Don’s first short “Stolen” was shot and in March 2006 Don’s second short Horror script "Wiccan" was shot and premiered at the Tower Theater in Miami on April 28, 2006. In July of 2008, filming wrapped on Don’s latest horror script, “Hunters of the Sun.” 

He’s currently working on one comedy, two horror and one action adventure scripts. Additionally, Don has begun to write the Tween Series “The Adventures of Huntington Twixx” based on the film “The Pass.”