Tuesday, April 2, 2013




Explosive finish, yet still managed to end on a cliffhanger...  
This volume has a certain finality to it. Quaeryt continues to be forced to take measures he'd rather not, but his dreams for a better future for Scholars and Imagers depend upon his pushing of the envelope. Doing nothing or too little also puts in danger not only his life but also that of his beloved wife and his unborn daughter. Not helping his King and Brother in law also puts that future in peril, although he is still wary of Lord Bhayar and his ultimate goals, however, he knows that of all the Lords, in the world, Bhayar is by far the most understanding and complascent of his and his brethren's plight.  His best chances lie with tying his lot with that of his Liege, a symbiotic relationship on so many levels, an alliance rooted in a deep understanding that the world is not ready for what each wishes it to be. 

The biggest Ennemy is finally vanquished, but at an exhorbitant cost. All seems so final, so decisive, but as the fog of war dissipates, and the wounded count the losses in property, lives and moral values, the horizon start to paint new obstacles and ennemies approaching. A large step has been taken towards peace and civilization, but it is nonetheless, just a step in the long, neverending journey towards a kinder world and harmony between the nations of Lydar. 

"Antiagon Fire" is the next volume on the Imager Portfolio series. I've already pre-ordered it. It will come to Market in May 2013. I can't wait to see how L.E. Modesitt Jr. tops this one. I was convinced it was the final volume of this series, yet I am pleasantly surprised that he has more in store for us.